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Found some matches.
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When you feel really adventurous, order "Salumi" - you'll need a curing cabinet with humidity and temp controls, etc. I was talking to CincHouse last night about a meat slicer and she was going "where are you going to put it?"...Like, I don't know - somewhere!!
Good luck. Sausage making and charcuterie in general is a lot of fun and the products are way better than you can usually buy.
You guys are awesome. OK, please advize:

1. I have my new smoker (Masterbuilt). I went a little cheap and I will upgrade when/if successful.
2. Smoker is seasoning now and will be ready in a few hours.
3. Sausage was ground and mixed last night. I will stuff in medium casings a little later
4. What temp and how long for smoking? 180 for 4 hours? Also note I am at 5200 ft and it is 40 degrees today.
5. Hickory chipps or other wood?
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