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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
Looks great, I can almost smell those ribs! Did they taste very sweet with the agave nectar on them? What temp were you cooking at? Thanks.
The nectar was fairly noticeable. Raw nectar isn't quite as strong as some of the more processed ones, so I think overall it was a good addition. It's a little sweeter than honey, and a LOT less thick. I just got done cleaning up some of those drippings off the porch because I didn't realize how easy it would run. I was expecting the consistency of honey or squeeze butter.

I did a write up for a friend last night, so here's the story behind the cook:

Dry rubbed 4 hours prior to cook (Grillmates' Sweet and Smokey (not that great) on one and Plowboy's Yardbird (excellent) on the other. 4 hours on the Backwoods Smoker over Royal Oak Lump plus about 4 chunks of applewood. 3 of those hours at 225*. At the three hour mark I lightly glazed them with agave nector (like honey, but sweeter and not as thick), and raised the temp to 250*. It took probably 30 minutes to get up to 250*. At that point (3:30 mark), I put on another glaze of agave nector and let them finish the 4 hour cook. Once pulled, they sat uncovered for 15 minutes before cutting.

I planned for it to be about 4 hours based on past cooks on that smoker (insulated vertical water smoker with reverse flow). I used the toothpick test to determine when to actually pull them.

Also, I'm waiting on some parts so I can use a proper pit probe for temp. I used the probe on the front for temp control. It's a Tel-true probe, so it's at least fairly accurate, and I put the ribs on the rack closest to that probe (3rd rack down I think).
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