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Default Pork shoulder twist (pr0n)

I had half a shoulder that I had separated, so it didn't have a great deal of mass being small.
I decided to do it hot and faster than fast, for BBQ that is.
I hit it with sticky then The Rub Company Original Rub.
Put it in with hickory at 270f and after 2 and a half hours, I opened her up to 400f.
An hour later the finger jiggle indicated we were rady for some slicing.

The idea was to make sliced pork for some sammies for TFO and I.
I didn't want to push the small and leaner section I had into a 'pulled' zone, and I cannot find my thermapen(Bill mod) so I went old school.
Pretty pleased with myself!
I sliced it and bathed it in juices mixed with Boshizzle's Shark Attack sauce.
Used some Mexican style corn salsa and fried the inside of some Turkish bread leaving the outside soft.

Ladies and Gents, a truly international sliced American Pork shoulder sammie!!
If you're saucing your brisket, I bet you're still putting lolly water in your spirits..

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