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FYI,He either hates you,or he is cheap or both.Meat(any kind) can be frozen that long or longer without adverse results,cannot tell it from fresh,IF and I mean IF it was packaged correctly to start with! Not sure how well you know this dude but sounds to me like he is cleaning out the freezer to make room for fresh and your cooking abilities are the scapegoat."I gave him my home raised beef", "not sure guys,but I think he ruined it"! " He claimed to be a great cook,what do ya'll think?" Either way,you LOSE! Pi$$ him off because you do not use his generous gift of meat,or all your co-workers think you do not have a clue!Lose/Lose! OR maybe his meat is fine if packaged correctly,cook a little for a test run,then decide. Never look a Gift horse in the mouth,and never trust the giver,ride the horse before you feed him.(just my thoughts).
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