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Originally Posted by markdtn View Post
I agree. Frozen meat from a slaughterhouse packer after about 2 years gets a funky taste in my experience. I would "substitute". You look good, he looks good. Nobody gets hurt. Then you can experiment at home with what he gave you. It is good for practice no matter how it tastes.
Yeah, I definitely wouldn't "waste" what he gave you, experiment with it and if it is good, then eat it and if not, poison the dogs with it. I have eaten meat that had come from the packing house 2 1/2 - 3 years old from my own freezer that had gotten stuck behind something or whatever and only a "very few" times have I opened it up to find it freezer burned or it have an off flavor. If the packing house is good and they wrap it in high quality, waxed freezer paper, it should be fine or at least it is for a couple years anyway. I've never found one from 4 years ago mind ya. Don't know what I would expect to find from one frozen that long.
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