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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thank you everyone!!
lol CD, us Okies know how to cook a wide variety of "stuff".

Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Never had tuna steaks. Please describe the taste to this old farm kid.
Thanks!! It's really tasty if you don't overcook it. It seems to develop more of a "fishy" flavor if cooked too long. Hope you give it a go sometime!

Originally Posted by sparky' View Post
tuna looks fantastic jeanie. love the sesame seeds on top. cooked it perfectly. yummy..... what did you good it on (grill)?
Thanks Sparky! Used the Char-Broil gasser, I was in a hurry.

Originally Posted by DerHusker View Post

I do my tuna very similar only I use a Japanese rice seasoning called Seto fumi furikake.
DerHusker the Seto fumi furikake sounds great! I will see if I can find some..thanks!!

Originally Posted by NRA4Life View Post
Jeanie, that is PERFECT! Tuna steaks are my favorite fish on the grill and you cooked it to perfection. You know, once you eat tuna cooked that way, you wonder why they are wasting such a wonder piece of meat by putting it into cans. It would be like grinding up beef tenderloin, mixing it with pork and bread crumbs and making meatballs.
Kevin you are so right!! what a waste. Thanks Friend! :)

Originally Posted by Harbormaster View Post
Don't bullsh!t the Brethren Jeannie. You caught that at your favorite fishing hole on the back 40.

Looks really tasty, better than when I tried to do it. I used too much soy sauce. Looks like you nailed it.
lol Clark, don't I wish! I really do need to move closer to an ocean. I can bring beef with me.

Thanks again friends...
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