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Default Cooking 2 Butts for the crew at work tomorrow. Questions?

So we are doing a Christmas cookout for the crew at work tomorrow, one of the guys is doing 2 briskets hunks on his small offset (it will be tight) I am doing 2 7 LB butts. I will have 7 hours for my cook. I was thinking about trying to do them on my mini WSM, they will fit with my rack set up. I also have a ECB that I can bring to the yard (and leave it there) and do one on each. It is worthless after the first 3 hours. We also have a 22" kettle out there that I can use as my warming oven once I foil them. I'm not bringing the monster 22.5 out there for just two skinny butts, its a long interstate haul and just too much crap to strap down.

I plan on running them close to 300 until they are ready for foil. Do ya'll think I can pull it off on the mini? It should be a chilly 68 degrees outside
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