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That's interesting. I've never heard that before.

What would be the preferred method of cooking tomatoes? Assuming once I buy a cast iron skillet or two and junk my teflons. Stainless steel?
Ive never heard of this either, what I have heard is that the CI pot/pan will give the tomato sauce a slight color(it gets darker than normal) and also it adds iron(this is good for people iron deficiency's) to the sauce.

It seems like some people are unaware of how the seasoning(basically oiling your pot/pan and heating it until it is black) works on a cast iron pot/pan. There is alchemy going on in that pot/pan of yours when you add oil. Unlike any other pot/pan the oil actually bonds with the cast iron when heat is applied, it does not pool up and sit on top of the pot/pan. The oil fills the pores in the cast iron and this is signified by its black color, because the pores are filled with oil it now has a non-stick surface. Once you have your pot/pan seasoned, NEVER EVER USE SOAP TO WASH IT, this destroys your seasoning by removing the oil from the cast iron.

To clean it, use hot water and sea salt if you need an abrasive to clean out any gunk. Pat it dry with a paper towel and then reheat it on the stove top, when the pot/pan is hot again add a THIN layer of oil all over the cooking surface of your pot/pan, if you are quick you can use a paper towel to smear it on the walls of your pot.

Soap is blasphemy on cast iron.
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