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Default Shack attack BBQ sauce Redux

As I couldn't post in the original thread, I figured that I would start another one concerning this great sauce and my fiddling with it...

For me, the fourth time making it turned out to be the charm...three different batches of this sauce using slightly different amounts/ingredients had yielded three pretty good sauces. I questioned the thinness of this sauce at first, but have since come to realize that the thinness of this recipe is exactly what makes it work.

Still, for me, something just wasn't right. Everybody has yellow mustard in their fridge right? Well, I didn't, so I had to go buy some and used it to different amounts with each batch. Pretty good, but not...just right for me.

And then it struck me; why in the heck hadn't I tried the mustard that always IS in my fridge? Sure enough, by substituting my favorite mustard for that called for in the recipe, and changing nothing else, I have now found my holy grail pork and chicken BBQ sauce!

The mustard? Why, Mr. Mustard (the original Hot)of course!

I had been thinking that it was my choice of hot sauce (Franks) that was making this sauce just pretty good, but lo and behold, it was the mustard the whole time.

Thank you Boshizzle (and Shack) for this great sauce. It is one for books for sure...
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