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Default Red Thermapen

We all know that a Red Superfast Thermapen is the best there is! No other color can keep up with it. So you can imagine how I felt when my red superfast thermapen started acting up on me.

Not that is was not fast and accuarte, it was. Just a little touchy on the digital display. I emailed ThermoWorks and they said to send it in and they would look at it.

Yea right, no thermapen to use for god knows how long. It was a friday and I didn't think I would be cooking over the weekend, WRONG!! I sent it in thinking it would get to them by monday and I could get it back faster whilst they were closed. YEA BABY good thinking!

Wrong again, they didn't get it until Tuesday. Chit man lousy luck, a whole day wasted. WRONG! Wed. morning in my email is a note that they were sending me a brandy new RED SUPERFAST THERMAPEN, FREE!!!

And then another email with the confirmed shipping! Yea Baby right on! And did I mention it's free.
This is my original thermapen that is almost two years old!! I have to say that this is some of the finest customer service I have run into in a long time. Watch out Weber.

For all of you that have hesitated because of the price or what ever, it doesn't get much better that this. Buy one!
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