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Finally got a minute to upload a few photos from the initial run. Didn't get a ton of pics or any of the food in the cooking process but I did get before and after...

A chuck roast, hunk of brisket flat, and two fatties.

Finished brisket. Soaked it in some RC overnight. Rubbed with some salt, pepper, and some other spices I thought sounded good. Turned out OK. Not too dry but not super juicy either. Cooked to ~165*, foiled to 205*, then rested. This is my 2nd attempt at brisket...way better than the 1st, still need to dial it in though.

Didn't get the chuck roast before I pulled it. Soaked it the night before in Cherry Dr. Pepper, just added a little salt & pepper for spices. Cooked on Sunday, had the chuck roast on Monday night. Left it whole when it came off at ~200*. Got home from work and threw it in the crock pot with some beef broth, Worcestershire, and a Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark (which I don't care to drink..but got stuck with three in the winter sampler pack...worked good for this) let it get warm up and then pulled it. Add some pepperjack cheese with a little peppered-vinegar sauce I made....mmmmm mmmm mmmm farkin' delicious!

The fatties didn't make it to their photo op...but they served there purpose!

I still have a lot to learn before I make stuff at the level I've seen here, but I guess it's a start! All the info here has eased my learning curve greatly...much appreciated!
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