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Originally Posted by jasonjax View Post
So one stays kosher with KCBS rules by trimming it such that it is just barely still connected to the rest of the shoulder?

Is this what most of the "big-time" competitiors do?

I imagine you want to slice around 185~190 versus pulled at ~195-205?

I've not competed in anything professional yet so forgive my ignorance on the subject, but it is an interesting one as I am still chasing the perfect money muscle for backyard cooking.
If you are in a comp,cook 2,one with the MM ALMOST SEVERED,the other just as you would a normal butt.Pull the MM when it hits 145- 150 IT. Start the regular butt a few hours before the MM specific butt.Sure I'll get razzed,but it works.
Or better yet cook 4,2 MM specific,2 regular,make friends with the leftovers,butts are cheap.
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