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Originally Posted by sweetheatbbq View Post
Nice Job! Did the fire pretty much take off all the outside paint?
Thanks! The fire did take off most of the outside paint. Didn't build a huge fire but used a leaf blower to speed up the process and get it going pretty good. After about 15 minutes of increased airflow all around whatever was left was easily take off in a few minutes by the pressure washer...luckily there was no dreaded red liner so it was a simple process.

Originally Posted by Desert Hawg View Post
The one problem I see, no smoke shots except for the burn out. Not nice to tease.
Sorry to tease...I have a few shots from my first cook this weekend...haven't had a chance to get them uploaded yet...soon though!

Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
Very nice, wish I could weld things to my uds like that, but my welder is a flux core and just does not want to let me weld heaver metal to drum material, without burning holes and tons of splatter.
I will admit the only parts of welding I took part in was connecting the ground (is that what it's called? ) a few times and holding things in place and being told not to breathe until it was tacked. No clue what type of welder we used. The old man is a decent welder and he had trouble with burning holes and some rough looking welds. I only know this because of the choice words used after the welding noise stopped. I was just going to salvage and old gas grill frame with the side tables and set the drum in the middle because that is the limit of my mechanical abilities...when you can do that sort of thing you tend to take on bigger projects.

Originally Posted by smokeyokie View Post
Very Nice!!!! I just completed my first UDS and I mean mine is UGLY!!! until you cook on it and it is a thing of beauty!!! I got it put together and started cooking before I got it prettied up!!! I guess I am going to have to build another and make it pretty!!! I cant believe I waited so long to build it
Nothing wrong with having two. I got my first cook in on Sunday and there are already a few drips and smudges...only more to come!

Thanks for looking and for the comments. I love this site and all the ideas and information. Now that I have the equipment in place I will try to contribute some of my meager offerings!
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