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Originally Posted by mackbrad View Post
hi guys well I just got a webber kettle decided to try my luck at wings seeing how I over smoked my loinAttachment 73320
so I fired up my kettle tossed on some wild cherry wood and one chunk of hickory. I got a bag of party wings washed and patted dry, then tossed in olive oil and garlic then shook them in mad hunky hot wang got the grill up to temp and started them every 45 mins I spritzed them with 50/50 water vinegar but then I forgot the major component as I was taking them off I forgot sauce but over all I enjoyed them nice and spicy Attachment 73321Attachment 73322Attachment 73323Attachment 73324

oh and here is my little grill shack :)
Attachment 73325
close the door kick on the calling fans and heater and your good to go
Cool - plenty of room to upsize the pit, too.
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