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Default New Weapon for the Arsenal

A Pitmaker Sniper!

Picked it up second hand from a guy that supposedly bought it to do catering that never really materialized. All things considered it's in good shape. A couple of minor scratches and digs here and there but nothing that I wouldn't have done to it if I had had it for the last couple of years. Squirrel Killer the BBQ Poodle could hardly contain her excitement.

The grates has a little bit of surface rust on them but nothing some elbow grease and a good re-seasoning can't take care of.

Going to be interesting for as most of the time I've cooked over pellets unless I was grilling. Now I need to find a local wood supplier and learn some fire management skills. That being said I'm really looking forward to it.

SWMBO was excited too as she has always wanted me to do a whole hog and I've never had the equipment until now
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