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Default Homemade WSM Questions

I was drinking a beer in my garage, looking at the UDS and the bottom of the 22.5 kettle and kind of got mad that the bottom wasn't being used. It's a waste to not do anything with it and I wouldn't consider throwing it away. I have a gasser for grilling and wouldn't bother pulling the kettle out. My UDS is fine but the bottom part is all messed up from drinking and deciding I needed more intakes. It works...for now.

I looked on this site (and google) and found some references to people cutting out the bottom of the UDS and placing it on the bottom of the kettle. Some call it the "poor man's Cajun Bandit". There is one picture in the UDS thread of this by 4dueces.

This isn't a new idea, but I want to cut off the bottom third of my UDS. Then I would cut down the legs or just get new ones so that the bottom of the kettle would be 8 - 10 inches off the floor. Next, place the firebasket in the base, place the UDS on top, and done.

What I'd like to know is:

1) who has done the method I've described? How's the fit?
2) are there any cons to me doing this?
3) are there actually any benefits besides less clutter in my garage?

I'm thinking that access to the firebasket will be easier. The base has Weber daisy vents so that will be easier to control the temp. My concern is the seal between the UDS and the bottom of the kettle.
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