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Default First Cook On My Vision Kamado With Pron

Tried doing a duck today on the Vision Kamado.

I bought the duck from an Asian poultry store that serves very fresh duck as you can see.

Cut off the head and feet for stock.

My first time today using it and it was nearly a disaster.

First my roasting pan didn't fit in the kamado it was too wide.

Then I didn't know how I would set up a drip pan over the deflector because it didn't seem like it had that much room and didn't have one that narrow.

So I just decided for now to just lay the aluminum pan in the center and put the lump on the sides.

Rubbed it and placed it on the grill.

It seemed to get up to temperature ok but after an hour or so I noticed that the bottom of the duck was cooking much more than the top.

I would think that the top would cook also, anyway I turned it over to cook the other side.

The temp stayed fairly steady and was from 325-400.

Toward the end of the cook it was harder to keep it at 400 so I opened the vents all the way.

Skin came out crispy and the meat was nice and moist inside

Cut it up Asian style

First cook the duck came out very good still but I need to figure out how to setup the grills better and figure out how to make it cook evenly on the top as well as the bottom.

Also have to rig up an indirect and direct setup at the same time.

More work to do......
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