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the blend tec is a beast also and it fits under the kitchen counter. I use it every day and it pulverizes anything you put in it and does the soup thing very well. I totally agree that VitaMix is an awesome machine as well and I was very torn between the 2.

If money is an issue, the blend tec is around $100 cheaper than the vitamix AND you can use a bed bath and beyond 20% off for another $80 off. If you don't have the 20% off from BBB, just sign up for thier email coupons and they will send you one Immediately

It was really 1 and 1A in my mind so after I sniffed out the BBB deal, I went that way. And the fact that it fits under our counters was a big deal too. No regrets- it's a great machine and I'm totally happy with it.

You really Can't go wrong either way. Both really good and once you wrap your head around buying a $400-$500 blender, you'll be glad you did.
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