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Default New guy with Mini WSM dreams....

Hi everyone, 29 year old California male here who has almost obtained everything needed to build a mini WSM smoker. I bought a Weber Smokey Joe Silver today, as well as the Chinese version of the IMUSA 32 qt stock pot. Right at this moment I'm waiting for the wife to get home with the Weber so I can see if I have a perfect fit or not.

I went with the Silver version over the Gold because none of the local stores had the Gold, and I wanted this to double as a grill, and having the airflow come from below the charcoal bed makes more sense to me from a grilling standpoint. Was this a mistake? I'm aware of the clogged vent problem, but the stainless can mod seems simple and effective enough. I still have the receipt... does anyone feel the Gold would be worth returning the Silver for?

I'm currently researching thermometers. I'd like to get a digital thermocouple probe combo, but these are so expensive, I'm not sure if it's worth it. I may go with the Maverick ET73, but I've read quite a few negative reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Any recommendations?

I'll buy the nuts+bolts and spare grates within the next couple of days. Then, after a quick paint job on the pot, I should have my smoker built!

I look forward to reading the threads here. Looks like a great site.

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