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I made a beef "sushi" for a party and they were a hit.

Beef Tenderloin
Pickled Ginger
Soy Sauce
Toasted Seasame Seeds

Beef Tenderloin that you can either do a quick sear on the outside or a quick smoke. But the middle should remain rare (Think tuna sear). You will be slicing this as thin as possible

Cut shallots into thin slices

Mix wasabi, mayo and splash of yuzu to make a wasabi mayo.

Put a thing layer of wasabi mayo on the baguette, slice of shallot, pickled ginger clice 1-2 slices of tenderloin. Serve Cold

Have soy sauce/wasabi/pickled ginger on the side the way Sushi is served.

*Note these have to be made as closely as possible to when you serve them as the braguette will get stale and/or soggy*
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