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Default Whole chicken on the UDS, first time

Unfortunately, I went to get the camera and my family started eating...

I brined for 6 hours (short on time) and let it rest for 45 before putting it on the smoker. I want to increase both times next time.

I was also going to put yardbird on it...and...I was out... But I'm heading back up to Bass Pro Shop here in a few weeks anyway. Just some basic cajun seasoning, and I tressed up the chick like a turkey (Alton Brown is the man...)

I cooked hot and fast at 360F, it was a 6lb bird, and it was done in 90 minutes, couple of small chunks of apple wood for some light smoke. Right at 160 in the breast, 180 in the joints. Skin was crispy. Let it rest for 20 minutes, it was perfect for a first time. The Mother In Law does NOT like white meat - and she said it was fabulous. I'll take it. It had just the right smoke and good color.

One question - will resting longer after the brine (maybe overnight) help the skin be not so tough though? It was crispy, but kind of tough. I'm hoping I can find a way to keep it crispy but easier to cut...maybe it's just me. Open to ideas though.
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