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Default Brisket smoke using foil pan?

Been a while since I have made a brisket on my 18 wsm and have had some good and some not so good results. Tonight I decided to mix it up a little bit. I injected the brisket with some beed broth which is a first for me hoping to get a more juicy brisket. Also I'm trying a disposable foil pan with a wire rack in the bottom of the pan. Figured this would keep the 12lb packer out of any drippings while it cooked.

Cooking this brisket fat side up with a little scoring of the fat cap. Both sides rubbed using a pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, dry yellow mustard, ancho chile pepper and some chipolte pepper mix. Basically a mix I found on meat heads site and decided to give it a try. Using water in the water pan trying to keep this as moist as possible and see how it turns out.

My question is how many of you use foil pans when making brisket for a heat blocker and also the idea of cooking fat side up doing this?

Normally I cook them fat down or fat up or a flip method. However using a pan is new to me and as stated injecting as well. This is a low and slow and might foil after 160* or just let it ride until over 190*. Seems that the more temp I cook at the dryer these cuts always seem to turn out. What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance. Vince
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