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Originally Posted by el_matt View Post
What about cutting the legs, inserting them into some square stock, and bolting or welding them together? You could do it at any place on the legs, and you could still use the castors.

I put "big" pneumatic wheels (7") on my NBBD. It raised it slightly, but made it really easy to move it, compared to the stock wheels.

I thought about that but I decided that I didn't want to cut up the original framework. I do like the idea of the pneumatic tires though. I have a rough driveway that doesn't make a good rolling surface for the little Performer casters.

Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
Well, there are a couple simple solutions. If you just want to lift the grill itself, you can unbolt it from the cart and insert a "block" type lift. If you want to lift the whole thing they depending on the version (Stainless or plastic top) different modifications will be necessary. Then again, you could just build a whole new cart for the grill as a fun winter project
That is a great looking table colonel. I think I want the whole thing lifted not just the grill. Since it is a Stainless table I want to have the work surface up higher so I can use it too.

Originally Posted by chriscw81 View Post
whatever you do, dont forget to post pics. i'm only 6 foot and i'm constantly wishing surfaces were higher.
No worries there Chris. I will definitely post pics. I have been thinking about this and I don't see it being very difficult.
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