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Originally Posted by davefan360 View Post
well it happened. I am building a 120 gallon tank reverse flow smoker, and last night we cut the opening for the door, well it sprung open in one corner. How do I fix this? I have no photos but it is only popped open about a 1/4 in or less.
First off I don't think a 1/4 or less, will be a big problem by the time all the rest of the hardware is on, if you are planning on welding strap around the lid for a better fit. You may want to tack weld on the back side of the door a section of angle or rod to each side and clamp it just before you tack them on after adjusting it for the gap and making sure it is square, Leave them in place until you have welded the strap on, make sure you weld in small lengths then alternate to the other side or top to bottom to prevent heat build up and further warping. This is how I may do it but I am sure there are better ways to handle it so I hope someone else that knows more about this will chime in.
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