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I currently get the best success cooking ribs over a hotter fire, around 275F or so, of course, my cooker likes to run there, so why fight it. I do not foil. Here is my process.

1. strip membrane, rub and stack ribs, wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Let sit and fire up the smoker.

2. Once smoker is going right, unwrap and apply a second coat of rub, then onto the smoker. Bone side down, thick end toward heat. Let cook like this for at least 3 hours, do not peek.

3. Meanwhile, prepare a simple mop of whatever. I use what I call Pig Honey, but, 1 cup of apple juice, 2 tablespoons of rub and a little wine or cider vinegar will work. Heat to dissolve rub.

4. At 3 hours, open pit, sprinkle or spritz mop onto ribs. This is a good time to pick up a rack or two and see how it bends. It will be close. Do this two more times at 15 minute intervals. It will be done around 4 hours or so. Test each time you open to spritz. Work fast.
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