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Originally Posted by f308gt4 View Post
OK, finally got a chance to use it tonight when I was grilling some Salmon. In general, worked pretty well.

I did find a bug, however. It is under the Cook Notes. I had added a bunch of notes on the cook, such as the fact that I was cooking on the raised grid, the lump was a little damp and slow to start, etc. I saved the notes, and all was well. But, when I changed the pit temp value, it erased all of the notes I had saved. They seem to be lost forever.

I was able to replicate the error by starting a new test cook, entering some notes, then saving. Again, when I typed in a pit temp, all of the notes disappeared.

Other then that, I like how it worked. It should be very handy to log all of my cooks.
sorry about that. thanks for letting us know. we will look into asap and target a fix for next release.
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