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"What are you hanging those in to dry?"

I'm using a small 1.7 Cu Ft thermoelectric Fridge..
here you can see the fan..

(has no compessor for cooling - but uses a Peltier type cooling element and has a built in Fan, which enhances the air circulation inside the unit - hooked up the condensation water outlet spigot (at the back bottom outside of the unit) to a plastic tube feeding into a 1 gallon milk bottle.. so I did not get a mess from overflowing or have to worry about emptying the small reservoir all the time.)
Some Wine coolers have a similar type cooling arrangement.. check at the stores to see if they have an internal fan..

Or you could use an old fridge, buy a line voltage switching thermostat, which you place inside the fridge and hook up to the powercord supplying power to the fridge.. (trhis way you can set the desired drying temps - normally set to 55-66 F, which is higher than most fridges normally allow to be set at.... and place a small fan inside the fridge for air circulation..)
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