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I just got my cyberq wifi delivered the other day, havent had a chance to use it yet.. but i was deciding between the cyberq, stoker, and the ique. I didnt care for the limited functionality of the ique. Only reason i would get the ique would be if i didnt have ( or want to spend ) alot of money on the temp controller. The cyberq and stoker are far better. If i was planning on getting several smokers, i would have went with the stoker since thats the main advantage is has is adding as many pits and fans as you want. The cyberq wifi comes with a pit probe and 3 meat probes. So for 1 smoker id def suggest the cyberq, more then 1 smoker id say the stoker..

The only thing that bothered me about the cyberq was setting it up to the internet.. took me 5 hours to get it working!!! If anyone has any issues getting the internet connection set up for it let me know, ill gladly help out getting it going.

Ive used the digiq before which id get that over the ique.
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