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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I don't use cornstarch much for thickening stews, I would say that it would fine though.

I do need to make me some home made tasso, but, first, I need to move my cookers so I can use them. THAT project has taken forever for me to even get started on.

The chicken does stand on it's own. But, then, if you eat all the chicken there is none for the gumbo. Plus, I only cook the chicken to get color on it, not fully cooked. If you cook the chicken fully, the oil is altered from the long heating process.
Yeah, I did my last gumbo with rotisserie chicken, but I pulled it early. It was not safely done for eating, but it didn't need to be, since I was going to cook it for hours in my gumbo.

I liked the very subtle flavor added by rotisserie cooking the bird, and I like to shred my chicken for gumbo, which you can't do with raw chicken.

Pulling your bird early assures that you start with really moist chicken. It is hard to add back moisture once you cook it out, IMO. When I make gumbo from fully cooked leftovers, it is still very tasty, but I think it is just a little bit better when you prepare your chicken to be cooked that second time in your gumbo, which for me, means undercooking it a little.

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