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Default Restaurant Depot prices

I keep seeing threads posted about Restaurant Depot and their incredible prices on meats. I usually buy my meats from the local Bells food store, and generally get really good prices on stuff.Here are a few examples... I can usually get a near pound chuck steak for about 3 bucks, and Boston butts are usually 1.49 to 1.89 a pound. Sirloin and ribeyes usually vary in price but their rib prices keep me coming back for more..."Pork ribs" as labled on the pack, are normally 1.99 a pound, maybe even 2.50 a pound a times, but still not terribly priced. We stopped in to get some teabags last night and I saw they had full pork loins in stock, and a 7.5 pound full loin was right at 20 bucks.

Found out there's a RD not too far from here and was just curious if the prices were worth the hour drive for
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