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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Thanks for all the advice! I found it very fun using the stickburner. It's the small micromanagement of the fire that I'm wanting to nail down first before worrying about product quality. I learned on this cook about the zone people are talking about and mine was from 250-270ish. However, I did open the doors a little too long at one point and found that I lost this zone because temp dropped too low to 220 and it wouldn't go back up! Before the stickburner, I had just assumed the temp would pick right back up. I had to add another piece to get back into the zone.

I'm going to try to practice keeping the zone at a higher temp and see what I learn next. It's so much more than just throw a log into the fire that I find very refreshing and would appreciate more micromanaging advice!

It's a very big pit and I only cooked two ribs and several links of sausage so I'm guessing if I do a big cook, the amount of wood and process is going to change a bit.

I'm loving this stickburner business!
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