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Originally Posted by BobM View Post
Most of the heat is in the seeds and the membrane. Just remove the seeds and the white membrane on the inside.
I grow my own jalepeņos, and they fluctuate between scorching hot, and really mild. It all has to do with the weather -- I think.

I always remove seeds from all my peppers, because seeds are often bitter. If I want milder heat, I remove all the membranes.

The top of the jalepeņo pepper, where the stem is, will be hotter than the other end, but cutting the pepper in half isn't a guaranteed mild pepper.

If you pickle your peppers, that can mellow the heat.

But, the best thing you can do is portion control. More peppers, more heat. Fewer peppers, less heat. You have to taste. Bite off a little, give it a quick chew, and spit it out. Then, you know how much to use.

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