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Default Bacon- Before I Start......

I decided I need to make some bacon after reading all about it here. Maybe some sausage too!

Question is do you think I can successfully smoke at 180 degrees on my UDS?
I have a BBQ Guru but I've never tried to go that low.

My UDS has 2 racks, would you use both racks?

For a normal cook I use 3-4 fist size chunks of wood, would you do anything different for bacon or sausage?

I'm having quite a time finding fresh pork bellies here. Sam's and 2 groceries looked at me like I was an alien. Think I'll try a small town custom meat packer about 30 minutes away and see.

UDS with BBQ Guru DigiQ, Weber Gasser, XL Big Green Egg, Charcoal Grill, Red Thermapen
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