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Originally Posted by FORY View Post
A question:

What would be a good digital thermometer?

I've seen them all over the web... but prices range between 25.00 USD to 150 USD.
For an instant-read, the Thermoworks Thermapen is pretty much universally regarded as the hands-down best choice. Thermoworks also makes a not-as-fast mini probe version and a pen version as well. I have an $18 CDN ProAccurate which is a decent choice if reading speed isn't a problem. It can be calibrated and seems to hold accuracy very well, just takes 8 to 10 sec to lock in a temp.

Insofar as meat and pit temp probes go, People love the Maverick ET732 which has two separate probes for pit temp and meat temp with a wireless remote receiver. The Maverick ET85 has both a meat and pit sensor on the same probe (just one cable) but no wireless remote function. The ET85 probe is also fairly thick at the base where it reads ambient pit temp and it may not fit through some openings or mods specially installed to pass probes and cables into the grill or smoker.

There's a wide variety of meat-only probes, but I don't know that it's really very efficient to go that route when you could grab an ET85 and have both functions for around the same cost.
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