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Question Craycort Cast Iron Grates

Having one of those "good to have" dilemmas so tossing it to the Brethren jury. I've decided to indulge my jonze for some Craycort CI grates after the holidays, but having trouble deciding if I want to upgrade the 22.5" or the 26.75". The cost between the two size grates isn't enough of a concern to sway the decision just based on price tags.

I think my hangup is that I tend to use the 22.5 for more day-to-day grilling but the big 26.75 is more fun overall to use. And it'd be pretty cool to see that great big cast iron grate on the big guy.

Any thoughts I might consider either way? Or any general impressions from folks with Craycorts on the 26.75? Most of the time you tend to see them on the 22.5s.
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