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Default WSM Thermometer Mod Question

Hi all, doing some mods to my WSMs.

I plan on permanently mounting an analog thermometer in the middle section of my WSM. I plan on mounting it above the door, in the center, half way from the door top to the top lip.

I plan on getting a Tel-Tru BQ225, with a 2" dial.

Tel-Tru has a 2 1/2" stem and a 4" stem version. The 4" stem version will get the tip of the probe somewhat away from the outside of the cooker, which is good. I am concerned that it might get in the way when I use the lower rack, especially on the 18 1/2" WSM, or grease from the meat on the top rack might drip on it making it give false readings.

Will the 4" stem length unit better reflect the cooker temperature or will the 2 1/2" stem length be fine?
Will the 4" stem length unit get in my way when I cook on the lower grate or is dripping grease a problem?
What do you UDS cookers use?

Thanks in advance,

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