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Same thing happened to me with a pack of spares I bought. Got them from a locally owned grocery store and when I got them home and opened up to rub em down, the rack smelt of rotten eggs. Needless to say, I was weary about cooking em up. I called the store and talked with the head butcher and he had me bring back the rack so he could give it an official inspection. He took one wiff and said, "Nope! Don't eat those!" and handed me 3 fresh cut racks free of charge plus his personal business card. Told me that next time I needed an order of meat, just head to the butcher counter instead of the freezer, show them his card, and they would cut it fresh for me right then and there with an added 10% off!! I've been getting my meat from there ever since, minus the 10% off.

Just goes to show you that with good, friendly, customer service you can keep a customer even after they have a bad experience with a product. For those also in St. Louie who might be curious, the store I'm talking about is a Dierbergh's Market.
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