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Originally Posted by Smokey Mick View Post
You guys dont seem to rate Wustof too well?
Is it because they are to exspensive or some other reason?
I have Jap knives and I love to use them. But My go to knife is a 16cm Wustof cooks that I re ground the blade to Japanese spec and mirror polished, all on whet stones. The blades are thin enough to do this.
Keeps a razor edge just as long as the VG10 Jap knives (Months)
Just sayin
Wusthof makes good knives, as long as you stick with their German-made forged models. They have others that are stamped, not forged, and made somewhere else besides Germany. The quality on those lines is not nearly as good as the originals.

But, when compared to most Japanese knife styles, they are heavier, thicker (almost twice as thick at the spine), and softer than their Japanese counterparts. Not necessarily a bad thing. You can't (or shouldn't) spatchcock a chicken with a Japanese meat laser. Same with winter squash or other hard, thick-skinned gourds and such. So, each have their place in the kitchen. Also, Japanese knife edges tend to chip when abused, while German knife edges tend to deform. You have to take a Japanese knife to the stones to repair, while a good steeling will fix most German knives. So, there are trade-off's.

There are also worlds of difference between all the different types of steel the Japanese use in their knives. VG10 is a good stainless steel, but it's really at the beginning of the spectrum when it comes to Japanese knife steel. You've also got semi-stainless tool steel, powdered steel, white steel, blue steel, super blue steel, ZDP10, etc, etc....
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