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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
It is not fair to claim that the point I made about taking any old cow and crossing it with a Wagyu is not allowed to be identified Wagyu here with the massive difference of using a selective breeding program with prime cattle with characteristics that would improve the "wagyu" strain and breeding till the characteristic trait is included in the majority gene pool of Wagyu.
I guess we are talking about 2 different things. My point all along is that most wagyu beef sold comes from wagyu mixed breeds (no matter how highly engineered) and calling it wagyu is a marketing term. i stand behind that. Wagyu is a brand and it can be lots of different things and that's totally OK.

And i totally get the cross breeding is done to make it "better" and I totally agree with it. It's just not as sexy to call something a wagyu cross breed so they call it market it the way they want to.

I think what you are saying is that the standards for this type of thing are higher there and I believe that's true.....let's all hope so.
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