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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
I get the whole book sale thing... that's a given with anything someone is selling.. It's got to be interesting..

I have no clue if he makes herb brushes at home or not. On the flip side, as a world class chef, I doubt he's making boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for dinner either.

People think just because something is written it's got to be followed to the point rather than adapting parts of it you like or making your own variations etc.

I get not being a fan... but to say he's a travesty to BBQ is extreme.

It's been several years, but had the pleasure of meeting Adam on more than one occasion, and to this day, the jumvo beef rib he cooked and served stands out as the single best BBQ item I've ever had.

Not liking someone's techniques is fine, but I don't get the need to bash, nor do I see the Paula Deen connection. There are only a few people like him that have been successful in bringing authentic BBQ to the masses. This is a guy with world class cooking experience who has a passion for outdoor cooking, BBQ etc and brings elements of his culinary talents to it. He's also a guy that could show up at any BBQ contest on any given day using almost any equipment and have a legit shot at placing at the top.

What's so bad about that ?

Agreed, travesty may be a bit harsh for APL, that mainly applies to Paula & sons.

This has less to do with their skills as chefs, as it does their place in society as a spokesperson for their chosen genre.

Paula's mannerisms, look, and dishes are all choreographed for her audience.
As a southerner born and bred she annoys me, but I've never been a fan of make believe.

Same deal with APL. Beating a perfectly good rib roast with a bat, is more show than go.
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