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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
I have no problem with a good robust discussion or disagreeing about an issue, and I love to find out when I am wrong.
My intention here is not to see harm the image or reputation of a product and industry falsely, and that is what I perceive to be happening.
The USA does not have legal restrictions and legislation on words like "Kobe beef" or "Wagyu" but we do.
I understand how you would be miffed at feeling hard done by, but it is unfair to paint someone else with the same brush when they are doing the hard yards and making a fine product.
Think about this.
The USA exports ZERO "Wagyu" beef to Japan.
Australia is the largest exporter of "Wagyu" beef to Japan and ships more than Japan produces, and ships to many other countries in Europe, Asia and The America's.

I think that alone would give you pause for consideration of your view, no?
I'm cool. I just thought you were getting frustrated by your emoticon so I figured we could just chat about something else. I don't really have a need to be right so I'm cool with whatever comes of this. I have plenty to learn on the subject and am glad to discuss.

As for your concern that some dude on a bbq forum is going to harm the image or reputation of a multi-billion dollar international industry, I think we are safe there. They will be fine and no harm to the industry was intended (good natured smart-assing)

I don't know anything about the local laws or regs there so I'll certainly defer to your local knowledge.

Here is what I based my info on: According to the landing page of the Australian Wagyu Association webpage, they crossbreed wagyu all the time and are openly marketing cross breeding programs. To me, that says that you can cross breed wagyu and still call it wagyu. It has to meet their standards but they wrote the standards so it can be anything they want. Fortunately, they seem to have very high standards and that is a good thing. But they are not just selling 100% wagyu as wagyu and they don't even clam too

It is probably more strict there but make no mistake who sets the regs and writes the standards. It's the AWA. That's their whole reason to exist.
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