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Default Mini WSM oven finished Brisket Was a Touch of Dry

Well I smoked a brisket uncovered at 225 on the Mini WSM last night and it's my first cook on anything charcoal or Weber in over a month. I pulled it off after it hit 170 internal and then wrapped it in foil and finished it in a 225 degree oven that way I wouldn't have to fool with adjusting the mini WSM at all and be able to get some stuff done upstairs for school.

Anyone feel like using the oven to cook a piece of meat to tenderness is cheating? I know that my dad ALWAYS takes his Boston butts off about three hours before they are done and finishes them in the crockpot of all places, but they always tend to turn out great and they have a little bit of au jus in the bottom. THe only downside I can see is that he loses a good bit of the bark, but maybe he could fix that by throwing it under a broiler or on the grill for a few minutes after he takes it out.

I tried using the broiler on this brisket after it has hit 205 internal and probed fairly tender and it did an okay job at firming up the bark that the tinfoil had softened. I think I should have spritzed it with apple cider and a bit of cooking spray though so that the heat transfer would have been even and had some moisture and oil for color.

I will say that this is my first brisket that has ever probed to tenderness but it was a bit on the dry side. It sliced pretty tough when it had cool, but when reheated for a sec in the microwave the 1/4" slices were pretty tender and had just a touch of chew which I guess is what you want. I don't imagine you'd want it to fall apart into pieces on a sandwich or when slicing in the first place. Much better than my last one that crumbled to pieces, although that one was made edible by mixing the pieces with sauce for sandwiches and the rest for stir-fried lo mein noodles.

Think the touch of dryness dryness was from the thickness of the brisket though? Forgot to mention that it was about 3/4" thick at one end and had pretty much 80% of the fat removed from it. It was a choice cut brisket BTW. Thanks guys, maybe I can figure out how to get my next one probe tender and melt in your mouth juicy.
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