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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks everybody! I didn't post pics of the deer hanging or the "other" things we did. Thought the mountain oysters would be upsetting enough to a few. lol

Originally Posted by MisterChrister View Post
Food looks great! How'd the hunting go? Dead deer pr0n is ALWAYS appreciated!
Thanks MisterChrister!! The hunting was great, everyone went home with venison. Here's a link to one of mine..

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Jeanie, nice balls.

Is that you in the last pic?
lol Thanks Michael. That's my best friend. (one of them, I have two) We've been through a lot together and have so much fun.

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Can I hang with you...please?
Definately Phu!! You don't even have to hunt deer! Thanks...

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And you shoot pool!?!?!

Very nice!

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Thanks westy, I LOVE playing pool. I keep the old table in my shop with a beer fridge and music. Mainly use it when friends come over but it's a lot of fun.
We have an on-going pool tournament during deer season. Gets interesting.

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Man, I want to party with you guys! Y'all do it up right!
Thanks Pat! You would fit right in!
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