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Default Question about foil

I've not been one to use foil a lot when cooking but over the past couple years I've heard a lot of other folks talking about foiling meat when smoking after a while and letting it cook in the foil for the rest of the smoking/cooking time. I've seen quite a few posts on here with guys using foil as well.

I am curious about how you guys that foil do it. Do you wrap it tightly and double the foil or do you loosely put the foil on it? Do you make like a foil pan with the top opened a bit or do you close it off completely? I've mostly used foil to cook blooming/smoked onions with butter and have finished off a couple of chuckies using a foil pan but I've always poured a little beer in the pan for the chuckies. When you do ribs, for example, and foil how do you keep the ribs from adhering to the foil? Same question for brisket.

I don't mind experimenting a little with the foil if I have some base knowledge of the techniques used what I don't want is to end up with a piece of meat that you have to scrap foil off when you plate it OR worse yet, having to pick chunks of foil out of my teeth.

Thanks in advance for the info guys. Ya'll have always been a huge library of information and I know there will be a whole plethora of ideas shared.

Brethren have truly helped me kick my cooking skills up a notch since I've been a member and for that, I'm TRULY thankful.
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