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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Mind you, I dont live in MO (snow & all), but I dont have to babysit too much, even though I use an offset. I'm thinking you may be doing a few other things less-than-stellar that may be hampering your efforts.

That aside, way back when I had a much smaller offset and could only cook 20-30 lbs of meat at one time, I used a trick to help. Shhhhhh. Be quiet now. Dont tell anyone. It's called an: Oven. Yep, put the meat on for 3 or 4 hours on smoke, then bring it in, foil it up, put it in the oven for the remainder of the time. Side benefit, the house smells like BBQ. I still do this for smaller cooks when I want fresh BBQ at 9am in the morning. I'll put it on smoke for 4 hours, take it off around midnight, foil it, in the oven it goes and shut-eye I get.

No need to spend extra money.

I dont understand why people forget about an oven. I did this on Sunday as I couldnt pan up 2 pork butts in my mini. I had the 2 pork butts cooking in the mini until I got the bark the color i wanted. Then panned both of them up. One in the oven and one in the mini. I couldn't tell the difference in the product, neither could anybody else.

Meat stops taking smoke on after 140 degrees. The extra time in the smoker, the smoker is basically an oven.
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