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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
You should read about all the posters to this forum, both novice and experienced who intentionally overcomplicate their BBQ cooks with injections, slathers, marinades etc.

I don't think he overcomplicates... I just think that he has a better handle on things than most, so for what's easy for him looks complicated to others not used to creativity and that don't have the time to experiment.
Take his stupid herb brush.
It is not going to add anymore flavor than any other method of adding herb flavor. But it is an incredible waste of herbs, money and time.

Injections, slathers, marinades serve a purpose and that purpose cannot be accomplished in a cheaper, less labor and time intensive manner.

The same cannot be said for many of APL "methods" (or should I say "gimmicks"?)

Be honest, he's not trying to cook, he's trying to sell books. He needs a hook and over-complication is his hook. Do you think he does this nonsense in private when cameras aren't around?
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