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I guess I'm a little late to the party... I don't have much to add to what's already been said, except to offer up a cheap (but very nice for the price) hand made Japanese wa-Santoku for anyone wanting to try something new. The knife brand is Tosagata. I own one of these in a nakiri shape and it is one of my favorites. They come razor sharp and can be easily maintained by using a CrO charged leather strop. The blade is hand made from three layers, the center is Japanese white carbon steel (shiro-ko) hardened to about 63 rockwell, and the sides are made from softer iron in kurouchi style. It's a hell of a knife for under $40...

This is the 6" Santoku...

And here's the link for the best price (there's no picture on this site, but this is the correct item)...

And here's a pic of the Tosagata Nakiri that I have...

And the link to where I bought it...

As cheap as they are, these knives are serious cutting instruments. The edge is super hard and super sharp, and they are not stainless. So, they require a higher level of care than other kitchen knives you may be used to. But, the reward for the extra care is in the use of them... They cut wonderfully!
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