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Default GOLDEN-RHINO,multi-purpose Thermostat for Sous Vide, Electrical Smoker, Stick Smoker ect.

Universal Multi Purpose Thermostat Temperature controller, PID, Programmable 8 Phases for Crock Pot Slow Rice Cooker Sous-vide, Electrical Smoker to contrl heating element, Charcoal Burning Smoker to control a 110-240VAC fan diretly or a 12 VDC fan via an AC/DC adapter , making yogurt, proofing dough, control the temperature of a table top toaster oven, converting a freezer to a low temperature incubator for beer formation or sour dough yeast storage.

Input voltage: 80 to 260 VAC 50 /60 Hz
Output voltage: Same as the input voltage SSR.
Maximum Current: 10A for long working time
Control Action: Heating or cooling
Control Mode PID, PI, PD P or On/off
Self Tuning: Self determine parameters of P,I,D.
Sensor type: Three conductors Pt100 RTD sensor
Sensor tip dimensions: 4 mm diameter x 50 mm long.
Sensor cable length, 6 ft (2 meters)
Alarm: High /Low Temperature
Alarm ON/Off button Neighbour Friendly
Temperature accuracy: 1°C (1°F)
Temp.Phase: 1 to 8 phases up to your programming
Timing: Count Down, or Accumulated
Temp. Rising Alarm If too long from one phase to rise to next
phase, it will alarm
Dimension: 6"x6"x4" inch (150 x150x100mm)

Application#1: For stick smoker. Price of RHINO itsself $99.SAL mail Cost $20
Rhino,50 CFM Fan, Fan Adapter A or C, AC/DC adapter 12 VDC 5 AMPS, Package Price$119, SAL mail cost $30

Application #2, Sous Vide with rice cooker Temp.display in C or F

Application #3, Used with electric stove.Instead of control temp. of stove, you can control temp. of MEAT itsself

You can plug cord of electric smoker to GOLDEN-RHINO, then
you will have precise control, programmable, multi-phases

Basic function of Rhino is same as DOG. But DOG is 12 VDC while RIHNO is 80-260 VAC 10A, RHINO can be used for sous vide, stick smoker, electric smoker ect. DOG is used only for stick smoker. Output of DOG is variable voltage and maximum speed of fan can be defined by software. a Big fan can suit smokers of different size. Output of RHINO is SSR. Different sizes of smoker may need different fan. For your information most ATCs on the smoker market are SSR.

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