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Default Finally nailed a brisket! Thanks TBB!

Well i have been doing a lot of reading on here the last few weeks. I got myself all pumped up to do a brisket after many failed attempts due to, from what i figured out, under cooking it. Though i would share my Saturday with yall and hopefully can add to the long list of archives for someone else to pull info from.

Well more or less i was on night shift the week prior so had some free time to look up how i wanted to attack this smoke. I read countless threads on what to do and why my other smokes went so bad. I took a little from here and there and formulated a plan. I have attached my Word .doc if any want to download and use for themselves. Its very informal but it was pretty much my guide line. Like i said, i took a little from here and there and this was my game plan.

Stopped by Costco and picked up a brisket packer. They had tons to choose from. 5 pounders, all the way up to a 17 pound monster! I decided to stick with a 12 pounder as i didn't want to be up all day and night! This is the brisket trimmed:

The night before i also did some mini jalapeno meatloaf over lump charcoal and cherry wood....was awesome!

Well i got up early with the help of my supervisors:

Brisket with Rub

Got the fire going with some oak and pecan. Temp got up to 250-275 and i put the meat on. More or less rotated the brisket every 2 hours or so.

At 170ish i double wrapped in foil and watched the temp from the couch!

One thing i did learn about brisket is patients! If its not done, just let it go till it is! For me that was about 200 degrees until i thought the "probes" were smooth enough in all areas. Brisket just off the smoker:

I also stopped and got a 2 pound tri-tip to add to the fun:

I let this one smoke till 140 and took off to rest. I am very fond of this cut of meat!

Well in all the excitement, i forgot to take pics of the brisket getting cut up! But i did get a plate shot of the burn ends, tri-tip, brisket, and home made mac-and-cheese (the woman stepped to the plate on that one! Was awesome!):

I was like a proud papa! This was by far the best thing that has ever come off my smoker! I had NO left overs at all! (Which kinda sucked come to think of it!!!) Just have to make more i guess! TBB....yall are a great bunch of guys and an awesome resource! Look forward to sharing more down the road!

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