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Default Some deer camp finger food

Sorry.. picture heavy!

Had a house full of company for a week of deer hunting. This is what happens when the men go hunting and leave us women on our own for the day. :)

Someone made pudding shots...

with alcohol infused whipped cream.

and jello shots

prepped some calf fries (mountain oysters)

we needed cracker crumbs ....

could have found my food processor but where's the fun in that?

made several batches of crumbs, wished we had a box for each tire. :)

gave them an egg wash and a dip into the crumbs..

set a table up outside in the old shop..

used my double burner cooker
to fry the MO's, seasoned fries and boiled some shrimp and corn...

finger food...

The old table didn't even need to be leveled this year..

Really had a fun week.

Thanks for looking!
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